“To me theatre is the magic of making it happen at that moment, that time, and that particular place, with the potential to let it happen again and again, over and over and over; with the knowledge that it never happened before. That is magic. That is creativity. That’s Divine.”

Back in Curaçao while working at the public library stimulating reading on the island, Roland rediscovered the art of creative reading, which has a close relationship with theater, storytelling,drama, acting, and with creating a particular way of telling the story.

Roland was convinced that the people of Curaçao had a lot to handle regarding their identity and young history marked by abusive slavery.”We Curacaoans are anxious to deal with the fact that we are still colonized . We cannot be free if we don’t emancipate ourselves of our mental slavery. We can never stand up for our right to be on our own if we don’t continue the emancipation that started in 1864. Theater can help us to do so.”

Theater is a tremendous instrument for bringing awareness to people. Roland knew that if you wanted to change a community, you would have to start with the still not conditioned youngsters.

With that in mind he started theater, creating plays for the youngsters of Curaçao to perform in. With his knowledge of theater and his wide experience with theater he wrote plays, musicals, dramatizations, and complete shows for them to perform.

Roland has worked with great local actors and directors such as Cesareo Jean Louis, Laura Quast, Gibi Bacilio, Rina Penso, Greta Trappenberg, Mila Palm, Norma Cova, and David Lozano. He has also worked with international ones including Holland, like Henk van Ulzen, Sjoerd Kuyper, Roel Twijnstra, Eric Snel, Saskia Goldschmidt, Ad de Bont, Carel Alphenaar, Kees van Loenen and in Latin America, Carlos Acosta.