When Roland started writing he immediately noticed that the reason his books were not selling well was because of the fact that people of Curaçao are more audibly orientated. So he said,” if you prefer to hear my stories rather than read my stories, you will hear them”. That is when he started telling stories. His own stories written in his books, he went on telling them orally. That was the magic. When people heard him telling one of his stories, they would rush to buy his book. It was then that he went to perfect his storytelling. He gained great popularity in Curaçao. Soon this popularity created opportunities to go abroad. He performed as a storyteller on several of the Caribbean islands, in South America, the United States, Europe as well as in Asia.

Roland has attended numerous storytelling workshops and master classes in several countries such as The Netherlands, Venezuela, Hong Kong and Canada.

It is under the professional guidance of the great actress, drama teacher and storyteller Laura Quast, that Roland created his own way of storytelling with a taste of theater. A local newspaper in Holland once wrote about his storytelling: “Roland tells stories (narrates?) with his whole body.” (Trouw October 1995). Roland normally uses the technique of oral history to tell his stories. His storytelling includes mostly singing, music, dancing and of course the power of the (spoken?) word.

He has specialized in oral history. In his treasured story box he has oral stories from Curacao, Latin America, the United States, Asia,Africa, as well as from several Caribean islands (sino ta parse ku ta e islanan e tin den su story box).

“ A good storyteller will convert the ears of his audience into eyes.”

Roland has been participating as a storyteller
  • since 1993  in the annual children’s book week in the Netherlands.
  • Festival Iberoamericano de cuentacuentos Maracaibo (Venezuela)
  •  Storytelling festival of the Caribean (Barbados)
  • Storytelling festival,  Amsterdam (the Netherlands)
  • Festival de títeres Caracas (Venezuela)
  • Dunyafestival Rotterdam (the Netherlands)
  • Storytelling festival Many Voices (Trinidad and Tobago) 
  • Official opening ceremony childrensbookweek  Utrecht (the Netherlands)
  • Gastpreformer 25th anniversary celebration of the IBBY-congress Groningen(the Netherlands)
  • Literairy cirquit. New Orleans en New York (US)
  • Storytelling project Nightstand Amsterdam, (the Nettherlands)
  •  Festival Sorpressa( the Netherlands)